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“In the early 80s, we abandoned chemical fertilizer.
One of the first organic farms of Liguria was born”

Orto Bio farm was born in the early 60s when, with humility and effort, our parents decided to go on farming the land while everyone was looking for less strenuous work and more profits in other sectors. Even then they chose to cultivate the land with little chemical and much manure, thanks to the small herd of cows they had.

In the early 80s, with most of people thinking we were crazy, we decided to completely abandon the use of chemical fertilizer and synthetic products, becoming one of the first organic farms in Liguria.

Today organic farming is regulated by a control system which requires farmers to keep records of transactions made in the company. We adhere to ICEA control system since 1993. For the fertilization of the soil we use only organic fertilizers, while for the defense of the plant we use copper, sulfur, vegetable insecticides and other products authorized for organic farming. Our main goal is to enjoy the prosperity of the land in a sustainable way.

Our products, collected and sold in the day, only be bought at the farm store or through the GAS (solidarity based purchasing groups) we cooperate with.

We believe in full transparency and in respect of our customers and that's why we are happy to receive a visit from anyone who wants to see with his own eyes the passion and effort that we put into our work, check the technical records or just take a tour of the farm.